Add Some Exercise to the Treatment Plan for Common Elderly Conditions

Exercise as potent medicine

Exercise for Common Elderly Conditions

Let’s add exercise for common elderly conditions. A re-examination of past studies relating exercise and four common elderly serious conditions: heart disease; chronic heart failure; stroke, and diabetes, showed that in all but chronic heart disease, exercise can be as effective as drug intervention in lessening mortality from these diseases. In a New York Times article by Gretchen Reynolds, entitled, “Exercise as Potent Medicine,” a meta-analysis of research “consistently showed that drugs and exercise produces almost exactly the same results.” Furthermore, Reynolds states “only in chronic heart failure were drugs noticeably more effective than exercise. Diuretics staved off mortality better than did exercise.”. This can be very good news for those looking for alternatives or complements to their drug therapy. Exercise must be incorporated into patient care of the elderly who often suffer from these conditions.

David York Agency is very mindful of all aspects of a client’s treatment plan including exercise. Please consult our workbook to help in designing a custom treatment plan for the elderly.