Caregiver Health: Anytime Stress Management

Happiness significantly improves the quality of our lives. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is a distinct connection between caregiver happiness and patient satisfaction. There are many solutions to the common problem of caregiver stress, including classes on positive thinking and even pharmaceuticals. Of course, not all marketed suggestions for caregiver stress management are safe and effective. However, producing endorphins naturally is easy. Read on to gain helpful insights into creating your own happiness and de-stressing after a draining shift.

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Uplifting scents can drastically improve your mood and release endorphins. Lavender and vanilla – whether applied to the skin or released into the air – are particularly good at improving mood and energy levels. These smells target the areas in your brain that are tied to stress and anxiety. Most of these uplifting and anti-depressant scents are found in nature, so a simple stroll is great way to raise your endorphins. Even fresh-cut grass triggers the production of these happy chemicals, so don’t exclude your own front yard in the search for a peaceful place to recharge. If your patient happens to be sensitive to certain smells, perfumes, or aromas, be considerate and avoid this particular method.

Social Interaction

Healthy and positive human interaction also leads to more endorphins. Laughing, talking, and interacting with friends and family releases a hefty boost of happiness. This reduces overall stress levels by reinforcing social connections. Smiling at others is a great practice that improves your mood by “tricking” your brain into thinking you’re happy. Dancing, karaoke, and bowling are all examples of group activities that promote happy feelings for everyone involved. If you’re feeling low, simply give your best “cheerleader” a call and get a healthy dose of good feelings.

Food and Supplements

For some, the taste of a wholesome, home-cooked meal is enough to pick up their spirits. Yes, there is a connection! Endorphins are released when you eat foods like chocolate or mashed potatoes (commonly referred to as “comfort food”). Also, spices can improve your mood. Cayenne peppers, for example, contain the mood booster capsaicin – a chemical that triggers pain receptors that release endorphins into the body. You can also take supplements to balance your blood sugar and well-being.

Eating a regular, healthy diet with appropriate mealtimes and snacks can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. Ingesting an herbal boost like ginseng is also a great way to keep you energized and positive.


This option is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way of producing endorphins. Exercise stimulates the muscles, elevates the heart rate, and releases all the feel-good chemicals your body needs to get (and stay) happy. Though random bouts of calisthenics might seem odd, you can literally try this technique anywhere. Your health and mind will both benefit from this natural technique, leaving your body in better overall condition. To gain a small boost on-the-go, try squats, lunges, jumping jacks, or cherry-pickers (none of which require you to lay on the ground, lift weights, etc.) when you’re on lunch or dinner break.

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