Cognitive Support in a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea is well-known for helping induce a calm, alert mental state, but did you know it could also deliver cognitive support? Scientists believe this is due to the unique nutritional aspects of green tea, including high levels of the amino acid Theanine.

This is great news for anyone who would like an extra boost to be at their best every day. Now, research shows that green tea’s mental benefits extend far beyond a daily stimulant. In fact, the compounds in green tea can have a profound impact on cognitive function as we age.

Happy Asian senior woman drinking tea at home.

Cognitive Support is a Sip Away

One study looked at how a history of green tea consumption affects cognitive function in people aged seventy or older. The amount of green tea regularly consumed was compared to their results on tests that measure cognitive function.

Not only was cognitive impairment lower with green tea intake, but the effect was greater when more tea was consumed. A regular green tea habit can help you stay mentally sharp as the years go by.

Powerful Benefits. Today!

Even more exciting is that the benefits of green tea aren’t just preventative. If you or someone you love is already experiencing cognitive decline, it’s not too late to benefit from green tea.

A recent study tested how nursing home residents’ cognitive function test results changed after three months of consuming green tea powder every day. The results showed a significant improvement in cognitive skills with daily green tea powder intake.

Even once cognitive decline begins, the daily use of green tea can supply significant cognitive support.

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