Could You Benefit From Home Healthcare Services?

Home healthcare services are the right choice in a number of situations, but not everyone understands when they might be a perfect candidate for home healthcare services. Take a look at when it might be right for you.

why home health aideFor Seniors: In the event a senior lives alone or spends quite a bit of time alone, has a history of falls, displays an unwillingness to eat, has problems moving around the home, can’t drive, has difficulty with personal grooming habits, has difficulty remembering to take medication, or displays confusion or other cognitive problems, home healthcare might be right for you.

For Families: If a primary caregiver for a senior, an individual with disabilities, or someone who is returning from the hospital after surgery or a chronic illness needs help, home healthcare is a viable option. Whether for a much needed break or ongoing care management, home health aides can ensure everything is taken care of effectively.

For New Moms: Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it often means the need for assistance, both before and after delivery. In the event Mom has been placed on bed rest before the baby comes, basic assistance may be required. After a C-section, additional help may be needed in the home.

For Hospice: End of life plans are never easy to make, but a patient who wants to spend their last days at home needs comfort and help. Home health aide services are designed to provide just that, no matter what the circumstances.

Home healthcare is ideal for many non-traditional situations. If you think it might be right for you, contact us today to talk to our care providers and learn more about how we can make living in your home a better experience.

David York Home Healthcare Agency offers varying levels of care to help meet client needs. Whether it’s personal care activities like grooming and bathing or simple household tasks, David York Agency has caring and compassionate individuals on staff who can work with the patient or the involved physicians to make certain excellent care is provided in every situation. To learn more about whether we can help you meet your needs or those of a family member, please contact us for a free consultation today at 718-376-7755 or visit us at our website at David York Agency. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn.