Diabetics: Beware of Tuberculosis

478746553 (1)With 382 million people affected with diabetes worldwide in 2013 and that number poised to rise to 592 million by 2035, a warning bell is being sounded with respect to the real possibility of a serious co-infection – tuberculosis (TB). Since diabetes is a disease that weakens the immune system, diabetics are 3 times as likely to develop this lung infection. We have seen this before when the HIV/AIDS epidemic burst on the scene. At that time, we experienced a quadrupling of TB in some African countries.

As our population ages, grows more sedentary and obese, The incidence of type 2 diabetes will rise. Obesity is often linked to adopting a Western diet and countries around the world have been integrating more and more of it into their diets as they have everything Western. The countries most at risk are China and India who are the leading countries for diabetes and TB sufferers respectively.

Clearly a strategy needs to be put in place where there is ‘bi-directional” screening. Diabetics should be carefully monitored for TB and TB sufferers should undergo testing for diabetes and both must be treated properly.

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