Senior Care: Managing Elderly Onset Lupus

woman being wheeled in a wheel chair

If you have Elderly Onset Lupus, you know the challenges of managing this disease and how important having a good support system is.

Watching for triggers and symptoms gives patients and caregivers better control over the disease. Monitoring the disease with regular check-ups is important. Open and honest communication with family, caregivers, and home health aides ensure the proper steps are always being taken.

Limit the Triggers

  • Stress can cause a lupus flare. Avoiding overly stressful situations is sure to improve both your overall health and quality of life. As you struggle with this disease, limiting your schedule and obligations may help.
  • Yoga, exercise, and meditation are great for keeping in shape and focused in addition to being great ways to reduce stress. Skilled practitioners can help develop an exercise routine and provide physical and/or occupational therapy if needed.
  • Ultraviolet light can trigger lupus. Always cover your legs, arms, and head when outdoors and remember to apply sunscreen.
  • Healthy eating habits help to boost your immune system. Home health aides can assist in shopping for and preparing well-balanced meals.

David York Home Healthcare Agency Can Help

Alongside family and friends, home health aides from the David York Agency can help manage your treatment plan from home. Depending on your case, home health aides offer a variety of services such as a nurse assessment and monitoring by a supervising nurse. Home health aides assist with bathing, grooming, and dressing as well as household chores. Additionally, home health aides provide much-needed companionship.

We encourage you to be involved in the planning of your home care, and we support all your rights as a homecare client. Our professionals are certified, and we take pride in providing the highest degree of personal service.

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