The Top 4 Hearing Aid Smartphone Apps For Seniors

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 30% of seniors between 65 and 74 years of age have hearing loss. Meanwhile, nearly half of seniors 75 years and older have difficulty hearing. Seniors with hearing problems often feel isolated from society. For example, they cannot enjoy popular forms of entertainment such as concerts, movies, and plays. They may even find chatting with friends and family a humiliating experience. However, there is hope. There are now hearing aid smartphone apps that do a phenomenal job at helping seniors hear better.

Below, we discuss four of them.

Senior man using mobile phone with hearing aid apps

Decibel Sensor Apps 

These apps are environmental sensor apps that monitor potentially damaging sounds. All decibel sensor apps do not have the same capabilities, however. While some can only monitor basic volume levels, others will provide more detailed sound information. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) reports that only 14 of 192 iPhone and Android apps provide accurate sound monitoring. According to the study, some of the best decibel sensor apps are SPLnFFT, SoundMeter, and NoiSee.

Hearing Screening Apps

These apps can tell you whether you need the services of an audiologist. The most basic versions play tones and ask whether you can identify them. Meanwhile, other versions can play several different frequencies at various volumes. These apps are markedly superior; they mimic professional hearing tests. However, they should never serve as a replacement for a formal hearing exam. The most popular hearing screening apps are uHear, Sound Check, and Play It Down.

Amplifier Apps

These apps work in conjunction with earbuds or headphones to amplify sounds in your environment. Another key point is that they can also amplify the sounds your tablet or smartphone’s microphone picks up. Some of the more advanced apps allow you to choose whether to amplify nearby or distant sounds. Meanwhile, others can eliminate or minimize background noise. The most popular amplifier apps include HearYouNow, BioAid, and Hearing Aid With Replay.

Hearing Aid Controller Apps

These apps are made by hearing aid companies to help you adjust your hearing aid right from your smartphone. In fact, the latest hearing aid technology facilitates a wireless connection between your hearing aid and smartphone. So, you no longer need a Bluetooth streaming device to connect both. The most popular hearing aid controller apps are ReSound Smart, ReSound Control, and TruLink.

As can be seen, these hearing aid smartphone apps can change the lives of seniors who are hearing impaired. However, it’s also important to remember that these apps can only monitor or enhance hearing. They can never take the place of a professional audiology exam.

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