7 Ways To Help Seniors Beat The Holiday Blues

As the leaves turn and winter approaches, many of us anticipate the holiday season with joy. We reminisce about the year and look forward to family gatherings. We also browse the Internet for gift ideas, thumb through our favorite recipes, and put on holiday music. Yet, for many, the holiday season inspires loneliness, sadness, and anxiety. Holidays can be particularly difficult for seniors. Many remember a past they can no longer duplicate. Meanwhile, others fret about the demands of holiday entertaining. So, if you’re looking for ways to help seniors beat the holiday blues, read on to discover some of our favorite tips for the season.

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Effective Ways To Help Seniors Beat The Holiday Blues

  • Find ways to keep active together. Mild exercise and group activities can help seniors stay upbeat. Alternatively, you can take fun trips to the mall, go out to dinner, attend a play, or even participate in a new hobby together. The goal is to help your loved one stay engaged and happily occupied.
  • Invite seniors to help in preparations. Many seniors are experts at cooking, decorating, and gift-giving. It’s important to realize that seniors often want to be included in holiday planning. So, invite them to make holiday cookies, create simple holiday crafts, or decorate the house.
  • Keep up regular doctor visits. Seniors often hesitate to ask for help during the holiday season. Assure them you’ll still be available to take them to doctors’ appointments. Keep your senior in good health to stave off the likelihood of depression.
  • Share special moments together. Make a simple, delicious dinner, and invite your loved one to share it with you. Reminisce about favorite foods, and ask questions about your loved one’s favorite childhood meals.
  • Plan activities with children. Seniors can benefit greatly from interactions with young children. Youthful antics can entertain and amuse seniors, and shared laughter will brighten everyone’s spirits.
  • Enlist the help of therapy animals. Service animals can inspire calm in people. They don’t have complicated needs and share affection easily. More importantly, they can help contribute to an uplifting atmosphere in your home.
  • Take advantage of natural light. Full-spectrum or natural light is soothing and can mitigate the effects of mood disorders such as seasonal affective disorder. Consider adding full-spectrum light bulbs to your living space during dark winter days.

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