Newsletter: Thoughts on Traveling With the Elderly

Anita Kamiel

Traveling with your elderly relative is often nixed out of hand.  Sure, we may have to make some adjustments since as we age we are less likely to get around as easily as when younger. However, they are still able to visit, to reminisce, and to enjoy family and travel destinations. In fact, socializing with friends and family, exploring and generally enjoying life is what keeps us feeling like a human. It makes us feel worthy and happy.

When left to sit at home, most people are more likely to deteriorate and require more medications and more assistance. When senior family members are included, their physical health as well as their mental health, is vastly improved. Oftentimes, they are able to maintain mobility longer and are less likely to suffer dementia issues.

Sometimes wheelchairs or more frequent stops are needed. Sometimes medication schedules need to be adhered to. However, Mom doesn’t have to cramp your style. She might enjoy a quiet night in her room while everyone else checks out the latest hot-spot. Arrangements can be made.

Life doesn’t last forever and neither does family. When we get to be that age, we will be wondering if anyone wants to be bothered to include us. And we don’t want to look back and think about what we should have done or that Dad would have loved it if only we had taken the time…. Do your aging senior, and yourself, the favor of including them in this family vacation. When all is said and done, with a little planning, the rewards are invaluable, for now and for years to come.

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Happy vacationing,