Ruth Strand

As most of you are already aware, Ruth Strand, a founding partner of David York Agency, passed away 3 months ago. I wanted to collect my thoughts before making a formal announcement. Rest assured, since Ruth retired two years ago, her passing has no effect on the day-to-day service received from our agency. It is, however, a point in time of reflection and remembrance.
Aunt Ruthie Strand 2013
Ruth Strand shortly before her retirement in 2013

Many of you remember speaking with Ruth through our 30 year history. You know she was both sympathetic and witty; a good listener and a good closer. She was more than a business partner to me; she was my sister, my best friend and my confidante. We were together through a lot of thick and a lot of thin. Bolstered by our support of each other, we were able to maintain our perspectives and senses of humor and move forward. As two RNs and single mothers at the time, we opened up David York Agency because we saw a need that we thought we could fill – quality home healthcare with the needs and comfort of the client as paramount. With hard work and commitment, our agency grew from the two of us in one small room to a thriving small business with many employees.

My sister Ruth was of the famed “greatest generation”. She saw the Depression and World War II from the American home front and had a unique perspective. She had a signature personality and perspective from those times. Losing her is losing a true slice of history and I feel sad for those who will never know her and hear her eyewitness account of those times. Being of that generation, she had a wonderful outlook on life. She was never depressed, yet never totally satisfied. Her lack of satisfaction pushed her to reach higher standards and taught those around her that the real work in life is to trudge on like a trouper. And she did just that until the end.
Best wishes for many happy occassions,
Anita Kamiel, M.P.S., R.N. Director of Patient Services