Signs my Relative May Need a Home Health Aide

How do you know when a parent or relative needs some extra help? It’s not always easy to come to terms with a loved one having difficulty caring for themselves. But there are some sure signs that it is time to enlist the services of a certified home health aide.

When someone is having difficulty performing two of the following Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), it is time to contact a home healthcare agency for a certified home health aide best suited to the situation.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL):Untitled2

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Grooming
  • Mobility
  • Transferring
  • Positioning
  • Feeding
  • Oral Hygiene

Bathing/Grooming/Self Care: If you notice that your relative is not grooming or caring for themselves, it may mean that they need additional help at home.
Unpleasant body odor, greasy hair, and dirty or well-worn clothes, may mean they have stopped doing laundry or are not bathing regularly and are also signs that a the relative may need a home health aide.

Mobility/Positioning/Transferring: If your loved one is not able to get around to do their errands or go the their appointments alone, you may want to seriously look into getting them a certified aide. If they can’t position themselves additional help at home will surely be required.

Food Preparation: If you notice that your parent is losing weight or not preparing healthy meals, it may be time to seek home healthcare. If they seem to have lost their appetite or are eating inconsistently, they may need some help with feeding to keep up their nutrition.

Taking this step can be difficult. This burden often falls on the family to recognize the signs that an aging parent might need help with the activities of daily living. However, there are home healthcare providers like David York Agency which is licensed by the State of New York Department of Health that can provide caring and attentive aides for your loved one. Their high quality home health aides care for your parent or relative making them as comfortable and as healthy as possible.

David York Agency can help you develop a plan to accommodate changes in your parents’ health. Their caring agency helps respect the wishes of your aging parent and fully involves them and the family in how they want to be cared for. This can minimize the anxiety and stress that occurs when quick decisions have to be made. Contact us today by visiting, follow our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages or call us at 718.376.7755.