Vitamin D is Important for Senior Health

Vitamin D is Still an Important Factor Regarding Senior Health

When you are involved in elderly caregiving in NY and Long Island, it’s important to remember that Vitamin D is important for senior health. The recommended amount of vitamin D for senior citizens over the age of 71 is 800 IU a day, but a simple blood test can determine if you are taking in the correct amount for your age group.

Vitamin D is a natural vitamin that the body produces in response to sunlight. Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium, which is important for healthy, strong bones. Unfortunately, too many elderly men and women are not getting enough vitamin D, which can lead to high blood pressure, brittle bones and autoimmune disorders.

Not Just Sun- Getting Vitamin D for Senior Health Inside

Lots of people believe they get enough Vitamin D from natural sunshine. However, elderly men and women are often deficient due to an inability to get outside. Whether because of weather limitations or limited mobility, seniors don’t necessarily have the same outdoor access as their younger counterparts.

Spending an hour or so a day in the sun is the first step, but when that isn’t an option it’s extremely easy to get the amount that you need by eating the right types of foods. Many are already fortified with this vitamin, such as milk, certain dairy products and cereals. Tuna, cheese, egg yolks, tofu and pork are just a few more vitamin D enriched foods. Supplements are also a great source of vitamin D.

Lower Health Risks to Seniors

Seniors who regularly take vitamin D will lower their risk for osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Vitamin D is important for senior health, fortifying bones and offering protection in the event of an elderly fall. Your caregiver can remind you to take your vitamin D, ensuring you stay on track. For more information concerning elderly caregiving in Long Island, NY, please contact us today.

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Is It Time to Call for a Free Home Healthcare Phone Consultation?

It may be difficult to face, but the time may come when having assistance at home becomes a must. It could be due to illness or injury. It may even be a result of the natural process of aging, but when it hits, understanding whether or not it’s finally time for in home health services is tough. We work to make this process easier with our free phone consultation.

What You Can Expectphone consultation

Our mission is always to provide the home healthcare services necessary to allow our clients to age in place and live in their homes or to reach that state again soon. We work to help maintain our clients’ dignity by eliminating those tasks they simply can’t handle on their own. With a wide range of options from certified home health aides to registered nurses who are ready to be there on a part or full time basis every day of the week, we work to keep stress out of the equation.

During our free phone consultation, we’ll go over your current home care needs are. We can speak with you and any family members you like and make some care recommendations from the services we offer. Expect questions about your day to day lifestyle, your underlying health conditions, and any problems you may already be experiencing caring for yourself in the home.

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