Helpful Technology for Seniors: Recharge Your Life

Technology has become a way of life and will only continue to increase in prevalence – even for the senior population. Instead of shying away from the latest innovations, seniors can embrace devices that have the potential to enhance their independence as well as their quality of life. There’s a wealth of helpful technology for seniors, many of whom are recharging their lives with the help of gadgets. Take a look!

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Promoting Independence

Seniors typically take several medications per day and this daily task can become overwhelming. The number of medications prescribed as well as the frequency of dosages is easy to forget. The risk of medication errors has always been high but rarely addressed. However, many devices have implemented apps and voice assistants which provide reminders and alarms set to the individual’s needs. Some devices also allow family members to check on the well-being of loved ones with wireless sensors. These unintrusive devices allow seniors to remain as independent as possible.

Social Connections

Some seniors face feelings of isolation and are unable to readily connect with family and friends. The use of social media has helped counteract these feelings. The age of waiting for phone calls or letter to arrive is over. Now, seniors can experience the instant satisfaction of receiving brief texts, seeing pictures posted or using webcams to check in with the people they care most about.

Overcoming Technological Intimidation

At times, seniors have had an attitude of skepticism toward technology. This is likely due to continuous product revisions and ongoing updates and advancements. According to a Pew Research Center study, a significant majority of older adults say they need assistance when it comes to using new digital devices. A mere 18% feel comfortable learning to use new devices on their own. In contrast, 77% indicate they would need someone to walk them through the process.

To overcome this fear, seniors with tech-savvy friends or caregivers can request help as needed. Education is also provided by senior centers and libraries as well as your local Office of Aging.

Technology is always moving forward and it’s easy to feel left behind. However, embracing technology can greatly enhance the quality of life for many seniors. From promoting independence and social connections to stimulating the mind with ongoing education, technology is a great tool for seniors.

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Home Care for Seniors: An Assessment Tool

It’s not easy to be a parent. However, it is often difficult as well to be the child of parents who can no longer care for themselves. Most aging parents obviously want to live at home for as long as possible. This often means that they will need in-home elderly care to make that happen.  The question is how do you know when it is time to seek home healthcare help for your parents’ care?

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There is an online tool that can help guide that decision-making.  The Independent Living Assessment is a terrific online tool developed by researchers at Boston University that can help to determine if your parents’ safety and health needs are being well served by their current living situation. It asks a series of questions about such things as level of independence and mobility. These are necessary in order to determine how much assistance is needed.  Parents may only require assistance part of the time or their needs are such that a full-time caregiver would be necessary.  Many home healthcare agencies provide a nursing assessment in addition to much-needed assistance by a home health aide who normally helps with household tasks and personal care.  You may discover that with a little help around the house, running errands and assistance with meal preparation, your parents’ needs are sufficiently met to enable them to live at home indefinitely.

David York Home Healthcare Can Help

David York Agency not only provides skilled home health aides for your in-home healthcare. It is one of a select few that provides a free nurse assessment for their clients. They can help you develop a plan to accommodate changes in your parents’ health situation. This can minimize the anxiety and stress that occurs when quick decisions have to be made. Please become acquainted with our service today by visiting or follow us on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages. You can also call us at 877.216.7676 and we will be happy to talk over your specific home healthcare needs.