Forgetting to Take Medication?

Is it still true that ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”? Maybe, but it is important to take prescribed medication on time. But for some in our elderly population, this can be a challenge. Impediments like Alzheimer’s, dementia and lack of adequate support can result in missed medication. Now there are several options that can help.

forgetting medsSoftware
Technology is constantly evolving to combat and address the challenges of the elderly. A new medication management tool is now available from the MediSafe Project which is one of the latest technological innovations to help ensure that you and your loved ones never skip or take the wrong dose of a prescribed medication or supplement. MediSafe is a user friendly app that you can download for free at their website and use to set alerts to remind you to take your various medications or supplements. This app can be downloaded to the smartphones of the patient, family member and caregiver alike so that coverage is always assured.
Home Health Aides

David York Agency is expert at the care and management of various diseases endemic to the elderly. Our home health aides are fully aware of the problem of missed medication doses and almost all of them have smartphones that could be utilized for MediSafe if the family desires.

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