Benefits of Aging in Place by: Max Gottlieb

aging in place
Aging In Place

As seniors age, they and their families are faced with the difficult question of how to provide the best care. The necessary level of care depends on the situation, but aging in place is becoming more feasible due to a combination of factors. There are constant medical advancements, people are living healthier lifestyles, and people are retiring later, leaving them financially able to make the choice. Sometimes all it takes to age in place is finding a caregiver or agency you can trust.  


The most obvious benefit of aging in place is familiarity with one’s surroundings. Familiarity may not seem like a big deal, but aging in a familiar place can alleviate depression and disorientation that sometimes occurs in aging facilities. Also, if you have the means for you or a loved one to age in place, you can avoid the dreaded argument that frequently occurs when parents are too stubborn to leave their home. It removes the tension that occurs when older people think moving them is a sign of pushing them away. 

Keeping a Routine

Studies show that people remain healthy, both physically and emotionally, by keeping with a routine. A routine can be anything from housekeeping to yard work, or seeing neighbors and cooking. These are all forms of physical and mental exercise that patients do not receive in institutional settings. What is known as aging atrophy can be reduced by keeping active, even in small ways. Eventually, this could lead to a complete dependence on others. This is not to say that it’s harmful to depend on others for certain activities of daily living. Oftentimes, a loved one or a professional caregiver can help someone maintain a healthy routine.  

Safety and Health

By aging in place, seniors can control their environments. They are not forced to acclimate to an environment controlled by others. The house can be as clean as they like and they are able to decide which visitors they want to see. At facilities, residents are forced to see health care professionals, other residents, and the families of other residents. Also, the spreading of sickness or disease is a major fear, when living in close quarters with other people. As such, this is alleviated by remaining independent.

What Kinds of Resource are Available?

As mentioned, sometimes people need caregivers in order to age in place. Caregivers are able to offer a variety of services, including homemaking, personal care, meal preparation, and medication management just to name a few. If bathing or maintaining personal hygiene becomes troublesome, a part-time caregiver can help. Or perhaps housework, laundry, or grocery shopping have become problem areas. Some grocery and drugstores offer delivery services, but if not, a caregiver can help with these things as well. Depending upon the type of services needed, there are different types of caregivers available with different job titles.

If a caregiver is needed, it is best to talk to an agency or a care manager. A trained care manager will be able to plan, organize, monitor, and deliver services to an elderly person. They can be immensely useful. Aging can be a time of navigating new terrain, but aging in place can hopefully eliminate some pressure.


Max Gottlieb is the content manager for ALTCS and Senior Planning. Both organizations work in tandem to provide free assistance to the elderly and their families when it comes to finding care options, benefits, or senior housing.


Live-In or Live-Out Care?

Loved ones from coast to coast rely on professional home healthcare services to ensure their aging loved ones can stay in their homes for as long as possible. Care for the elderly can range from simple tasks to more complex options; sometimes professionals simply stop by a few times per week while others may actually live in the home. What’s the difference between live-in and live-out home healthcare services? Which one is right for your loved one? This guide can help.

Evaluating Your Needs

Senior woman and supporting nurseBefore you even begin to tackle the question of live-in or live out care, the key is to have the medical and non-medical needs of your loved one evaluated. Hired caregivers don’t have to provide medical services. In fact, simple things like running errands, light housekeeping, and simple companionship are all available with live out caregivers. You’ll need to provide more information about your loved one’s current care schedule. Let them know who comes in and how often that occurs. Also, they will need to know his or her current medical and non-medical needs. For example, is bathing an issue? Are there problems remembering to take medications? All of that should be part of the assessment.

Live In Care
The goal with live-in care is to provide your loved one around-the-clock support that helps to keep him or her in their home for as long as possible. The right live-in caregivers are highly capable, compassionate individual and can be vital when someone can no longer be left alone. Like all Home Health Aides, they offer help with bathing, continence, dressing, personal hygiene, nutrition, range of motion, and medication reminders. Depending upon your situation, it can be either for a short period of time or for the long term.

To learn more about whether live in or live out care is right for your loved one, take a moment to contact us today to find out about our free in-home assessment.

David York Home Healthcare Agency is fully acquainted with all factors related to eldercare services. They are always available to set up a senior care plan taking the whole patient into account. David York Agency provides skilled home health aide services for the elderly in their home and is abreast of all the latest guidelines for seniors.  Contact us at 877.216.7676 and visit our website. A nurse is waiting to take your call. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Is It Time to Call for a Free Home Healthcare Phone Consultation?

It may be difficult to face, but the time may come when having assistance at home becomes a must. It could be due to illness or injury. It may even be a result of the natural process of aging, but when it hits, understanding whether or not it’s finally time for in home health services is tough. We work to make this process easier with our free phone consultation.

What You Can Expectphone consultation

Our mission is always to provide the home healthcare services necessary to allow our clients to age in place and live in their homes or to reach that state again soon. We work to help maintain our clients’ dignity by eliminating those tasks they simply can’t handle on their own. With a wide range of options from certified home health aides to registered nurses who are ready to be there on a part or full time basis every day of the week, we work to keep stress out of the equation.

During our free phone consultation, we’ll go over your current home care needs are. We can speak with you and any family members you like and make some care recommendations from the services we offer. Expect questions about your day to day lifestyle, your underlying health conditions, and any problems you may already be experiencing caring for yourself in the home.

While we’re at your home, be sure to ask us any questions you have as well! We’ll be happy to tell you more about our staff, financial policies, and the details necessary to be sure that you understand just how much we can help in the home.

We’re here to create the most supportive environment possible and ensure that you get the highest quality home healthcare service available today. Contact us now for your free consultation session. A nurse is standing by to take your call.

David York Home Healthcare Agency is fully acquainted with all factors related to eldercare services and is always available to set up a senior care plan taking the whole patient into account. David York Agency provides skilled home health aide services for the elderly in their home and is abreast of all the latest guidelines for seniors.  Contact us at 718.376.7755 and visit our website. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Could You Benefit From Home Healthcare Services?

Home healthcare services are the right choice in a number of situations, but not everyone understands when they might be a perfect candidate for home healthcare services. Take a look at when it might be right for you.

why home health aideFor Seniors: In the event a senior lives alone or spends quite a bit of time alone, has a history of falls, displays an unwillingness to eat, has problems moving around the home, can’t drive, has difficulty with personal grooming habits, has difficulty remembering to take medication, or displays confusion or other cognitive problems, home healthcare might be right for you.

For Families: If a primary caregiver for a senior, an individual with disabilities, or someone who is returning from the hospital after surgery or a chronic illness needs help, home healthcare is a viable option. Whether for a much needed break or ongoing care management, home health aides can ensure everything is taken care of effectively.

For New Moms: Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it often means the need for assistance, both before and after delivery. In the event Mom has been placed on bed rest before the baby comes, basic assistance may be required. After a C-section, additional help may be needed in the home.

For Hospice: End of life plans are never easy to make, but a patient who wants to spend their last days at home needs comfort and help. Home health aide services are designed to provide just that, no matter what the circumstances.

Home healthcare is ideal for many non-traditional situations. If you think it might be right for you, contact us today to talk to our care providers and learn more about how we can make living in your home a better experience.

David York Home Healthcare Agency offers varying levels of care to help meet client needs. Whether it’s personal care activities like grooming and bathing or simple household tasks, David York Agency has caring and compassionate individuals on staff who can work with the patient or the involved physicians to make certain excellent care is provided in every situation. To learn more about whether we can help you meet your needs or those of a family member, please contact us for a free consultation today at 718-376-7755 or visit us at our website at David York Agency. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn.