Product Watch: 3 Devices For Seniors And Their Caregivers

Seniors are often more tech-savvy than they are given credit for. In fact, technology use among seniors has sky-rocketed. Today, seniors live more digitally-connected lives than ever. According to the Pew Research Center, 4 in 10 adults 65 years and older report owning smartphones. Additionally, almost 70% of seniors use the Internet today. That’s a 55% increase in less than two decades! The accessibility of technology teaching tools has also facilitated the exponential increase in tech-savvy seniors. Below, we discuss the most useful 3 devices for seniors and their caregivers.

Senior manwearing a medical alert bracelet. seniors and technology concept.

Medication Alert Devices

Many seniors balk at the idea of wearing medical ID bracelets. However, these devices come with definite benefits. First, a medical ID bracelet provides crucial information to first responders during an emergency. They reveal the wearer’s name, address, and emergency contact number. Additionally, they also provide a summary of the wearer’s medications, health conditions, and allergies. All of this information reduces the likelihood of treatment errors in an emergency.

Today, seniors can wear these personal identification (PI) bracelets in a variety of styles.  Women will love this beautiful bracelet from Things Remembered, while men will appreciate this stylish dog tag necklace from ForAllGifts.

Amazon Echo Show

Today, seniors can use the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Show to stay in touch with loved ones and perform a variety of tasks. Alexa has intelligent voice recognition capabilities and is essentially Amazon Echo’s resident virtual assistant. You address Alexa when you ask your Amazon Echo a question. The newest version of Amazon Echo Show comes with a 10-inch touch-screen display screen. You can hear Alexa as well as see the answers she gives you. Here are some things you can ask Alexa to do:

  • access the Drop-In feature to allow you to visit someone digitally.
  • play Food Network cooking shows while you follow along in the kitchen.
  • show you a list of shopping, flight, or restaurant options.
  • call you an Uber ride and provide you updates about your ride.

Webeauty GPS (Global Positioning System) Tracker

A GPS tracker or receiver reveals your location by calculating its distance from at least 4 satellites in the Global Positioning System. There are 27 satellites in the system. The United States military developed the GPS as part of its own war arsenal but later declassified it for civilian use.

The Webeauty GPS Tracker tracker is light and can be worn around the wrist. In the event of an emergency, seniors can simply press the SOS button to send their current location to an emergency contact. The tracker also enables caregivers to call their loved ones, if necessary. Seniors who suffer from neurocognitive disorders will particularly benefit from this tool.

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