Cranky About Dependency … Once Again

Sheila Klass was a self professed old lady and blogging grandma who approached her advanced age and physical limitations with humor and grace.  Though she passed away very recently, thankfully she left behind wonderful personal blog entries bringing insight into a natural treasure, our older generation.

Cranky Again

In her blog, Sheila Klass articulated the frustrations that many older adults have about getting older.  Legally blind due to macular degeneration, this octogenarian explained that while she fully realized she needed help, her pride did not permit her to accept it gracefully.  As a child of the Great Depression, she abhored feeling anything less than independent.  She hated needing help with the daily activities of life like reading mail, paying bills, going to doctor appointments, sorting medications and even doing her shopping and laundry.  She was grateful for all the help her children happily provided, but she refused to be graceful about it.  “I want the right, at 86 , …. to do whatever I choose, and that right has been forfeited to age and decrepitude, and I mind it terribly. Which makes me a very ungrateful old lady.”

This feisty “old lady” colorfully and clearly laid out how her peers resent how life turns full circle and, having once climbed out of dependency as children, they are forced right back into it as older adults. Prof. Klass’s blog at  was filled with reminiscences and emotions that would touch many who are in their twilight years and is worth a “gander”.

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