Diabetes Meal Plan: Two vs. Six Meals Per Day

There has long been a controversy in managing diabetes as to whether it is better to eat two large meals or six small meals over the course of a day.  There are experts that come down on either side of the issue and some that believe it doesn’t make much of a difference. 

The New York Times recently reported on a small study out of Czechoslavakia that tips the scales in favor of fewer meals.  Some differences, albeit not dramatic, were found in those that ate fewer meals even while all participants consumed exactly the same amount of calories.  Improvements were seen in terms of waist size, fasting glucose levels, lower liver fat content and better insulin sensitivity.  In any case, two larger meals is also a good way to ensure that patients with diabetes eat whole, nutritious meals vs. smaller snacks that may not be as nutritious individually and may spoil your appetite for the more nutritious food. 

494095515Meal management can be challenging for the diabetic elderly especially when new information such as this surfaces that might encourage a change in a current routine.  A home health aide can help assist the elderly person with meal preparation and shopping to ensure that senior loved ones are provided with nutritious and regular meals.  Aides can also help with feeding the elderly patient and other meal related as well as other household tasks.  The home health aide can be hired on an hourly or full time basis and licensed home healthcare agencies such as David York Agency can help you hire one totally suited to your needs. 

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