Taking Care of Seemingly Stubborn Elderly

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The Stubborn Elderly

A little while ago, we posted an entry entitled, “Grumpy Old People Deserve Consideration”. We spoke about some factors contributing to the dissatisfaction of the elderly. One underlying issue is the elderly may take on a stubborn stance in an effort not to appear weak. They are terrified of appearing as weak and losing control of their lives.  

Practical Suggestions for Elderly Care

An article by the Mayo Clinic staff, “Caring for the elderly: Dealing with resistance”, uses this base of knowledge and makes practical suggestions for setting up their care. For example, the elderly are apt to “feel frightened and vulnerable”. It is important to approach the elderly when they are relaxed. Also, it is important to assure them that you respect their decision making capacity. Ask them questions about their preferences or include their relatives along the way. With a bit of sensitivity, the elderly will happily receive the care that they deserve and which we are eager to bestow. At David York Agency, we are highly experienced in caring for the physical as well as the emotional needs of our clients. Please visit us at www.davidyorkagency.com and feel free to contact us with any of your home healthcare questions.