“When my father-in-law’s health declined to the point where he needed 24/7 help at home, we called the David York Agency. We could not have been more pleased or grateful for the kind and experienced professionals that the agency sent to care for him. They alleviated so much of our stress during a difficult time. Each person not only responded to my father-in-law’s needs, but anticipated them. Our family – including my father-in-law – took great comfort in knowing that he was in the very best hands.”  –  C.  T.


“The David York agency has been the most remarkable gift for my elderly parents. Both of them need tremendous assistance around the house in their activities of daily living, and the aides supplied by this agency were unanimously all perfect for my parents’ needs. The compassion they show for my parents, their professionalism, their abilities, and their overall attitudes are all beyond reproach, and I look forward to working together with them for many years. I recommend the David York agency without any hesitation, as I can’t imagine any agency with better staff and with better administration. If all other home health care agencies would learn from them, it would be a better world for the elderly.” – A.G.


“A superb, caring, responsive agency that, over a four-year period, provided us with superb, caring, responsive, knowledgeable aides. One we had four all of the four years for during-the-week care, and then for the last two years, we had another top aide for the weekends. I could not imagine being with a better agency.” – S.J.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the David York staff and aides who attended to (my mother’s) needs so diligently and with such care. It was much appreciated and will always be remembered.” – A. M.


“I am writing to thank you for the care my father is receiving from EC (aide). EC looks after my dad as if he were her own family member. Due to his illness and lack of independence, he has become somewhat irritable and demanding. I work in a continuing care retirement facility so I am quite aware of the psychological effects caused by progressive illnesses.

EC does not allow him to walk by himself, due to his unsteady gait. she is always by his side no matter what. Knowing how well she takes care of my dad, gives me much relief since I cannot be in New York all of the time. I know he is well taken care of by a person who takes pride in her job and who really loves what she is doing. Thank you again for everything.” – B. T-K.


“It has taken me too long to sit down and write to you to express my feelings about the kindness you showed me during the year of (my husband’s) illness. from the moment I spoke to Anita (at a low point in my life), I knew I was in good hands. From the moment we met (our aide), I knew (my husband) would be in good hands. Since that time, through the course of his illness, we have met many of the beautiful women from your agency. Each has been caring and helpful in her own way. Of course, A (aide), B (aide), and our dear V (aide) were outstanding in the way they cared for him – gently and lovingly – impossible to describe. Professionally outstanding. 

As for those of you in the office, I have nothing to offer but gratitude. You answered my calls with care, understanding and kind words, always helpful. May you all be blessed with health, love and joy. Thank you again. Sincerely, “ – A. R.


“I thank you (Anita) and the staff for all of the kindness shown my dad. Your agency performs a valuable service allowing my father to remain in his own home.” – S. F.


“I not only appreciate your friendship over the years but your professionalism as well. Your staff made a very difficult matter a little more bearable. Both A (aide) and E (aide) treated my father with great dignity and kindness. I am forever grateful.” – M. T.


“I want to thank everyone at David York for their professionalism and care in working with my father. Your agency made a very difficult situation a little bit more bearable. Both E (aide) and A (aide) are wonderful women and my family is greatly appreciative for both their fantastic care and amazing dedication.” – B. K.


“Thank you to all who provided care for my aunt, especially the home aides. L (aide) has been outstanding with her exceptional dedication and quality of care. She has my highest recommendation! Please thank W (aide) for me as I did not get the chance to do so. Kind regards,” – C. M.


“Thank you for the wonderful care (my mother’s) caregivers provided.” – B. B.