The Blessing of Perspective

Older Adults Resist Change

Do Older Adults With Heart Disease Resist Change?

This New York Times article entitled Generation Y-Me by Paula Span puts an interesting twist on a theory as to why the older adults resist change. Researchers parse a study comparing how two different age groups deal with heart failure. In it, they detect a key difference in how different age groups deal with the disease.  Probably due to the dramatic difference from their former selves, the younger patients (62 and below) feel more depressed and defeated by their condition. At the same time, their older counterparts take it more in their stride.  So, which group really resists change?

Hypothesis Why They Refuse Medical Device Aids

Span hypothesizes that the elderly may refuse helpful devices such as hearing aids, canes and shower grab bars simply because, with the gift of time, their disabilities don’t feel like a big deal to them.  In fact, this resistance should not be categorized as ornery, but their taking limitations in stride.  

The Elderly Cope Just Fine

Most elderly seem to cope with their multiple illnesses and these life transitions quite smoothly.  Far from being stubborn, the elderly have a healthy dose of good old-fashioned forbearance. This is especially true for the older group of heart disease sufferers 62 and above. Therefore, this is another admirable trait the older folks can teach the rest of us.  


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