Too Old To Drive?

With all the free spirited Baby Boomers aging, it might be hard for them to think of giving up a big part of their vehicles of freedom – the car keys. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the past 10 years has seen about a 20% increase in licensed drivers over 65 years old on the road. As their children see more and more physical signs for concern and feel awkward about broaching the subject with their aging parents, a new area of expertise has come on the scene –  Driving Rehabilitation Specialists. These are occupational therapists that specialize in assessing and even correcting some of the problems seniors may experience as their driving skills age with them.

too old to driveIt’s all about keeping everyone safe. According to the AAA, the highest fatal car accidents occur in two distinct age groups – teenagers and those 75 and older. However, while teenagers are more of danger to others, senior citizen drivers are more of a danger to themselves. They are more fragile and don’t bounce back from injuries well at all.

On the other hand, up until the age of 65, the accident rates of older adults mirror those who are middle aged. In order to ensure that this younger senior citizen group is driving safely for as long as possible, various safeguards can be employed. Organizations such as AAA & AARP have online screening assessment questionnaires. After that, you might want to get an ‘on-the-road’ driving assessment which can be scheduled through a rehabilitation center or driving school. Finally, driving rehabilitation specialists can be called to look for things like flexibility, reflexes and range of motion in the neck and shoulders. This option can be pricey ranging anywhere from $200 – $1,000 depending on the state and the depth of analysis and instruction involved. The  American Occupational Therapy Society can help you locate someone in your zip code.

At David York Home Healthcare Agency, we are very in tune with the quality of life issues pertaining to the elderly. Our home health aides are keenly aware of the needs and issues of senior citizens as their skills decline.

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