An Important Topic

I am excited to be sending you the second edition of the David York Agency Newsletter. I am thrilled to be able to provide this service to you and, based on the excellent feedback we received, our subscribers seem to be appreciative as well. Since professionally I am becoming more and more aware of this particular problem, I chose to focus on just one important topic this time – elderly substance abuse. I hope you find this overview article educational and practicable.

Glass of alcohol

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you feel would be interested. As always, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions with areas of interest to you. All our newsletters are archived and available through a link on our website

Best wishes,


Anita Kamiel, M.P.S., R.N.,

Director of Patient Services

Anita Kamiel, R.N, M.P.S. is the founder and owner of David York Home Healthcare Agency and is fully acquainted with all factors related to eldercare services and the latest guidelines for seniors.  She holds advanced degrees in gerontological administration and has experience in the field as a Nursing Supervisor in a nursing home.  Anita has been in the business of home care for over 40 years starting out in a NYC Medicaid agency.  Thirty years ago she realized the need for affordable, quality home health aide services provided and supervised by caring individuals, so she boldly opened David York Home Healthcare Agency in Brooklyn, New York. She is the mother of 4 and the grandmother of many and when she is not on adventures like safaris in Africa, she still works 6 days a week and runs to her workout classes 3 of those nights.  You can contact her at 718.376.7755 or at where she is happy to share her experience and help you through your home healthcare issues.