Rise Above the Fear of Falling (Infographic)

An interesting and useful infographic by Home Healthcare Adaptations 

Elderly Falls

Every single year, a third of all elderly adults suffers a fall. And, an adult who falls is twice as likely to do so again as compared to someone who hasn’t fallen. Falling is the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries and hospital treatment for a fall injury costs more than $35,000 on average.

If these numbers aren’t enough to hammer home the seriousness of suffering a fall, the likely consequences should. At best, a senior who falls might find their ability to move around the home affected. It’s more probable that they will suffer a few broken bones and/or require permanent care. An innocuous fall could even prove fatal, particularly if the person hits their head on the ground after losing his/her balance.


This infographic by Irish company Home Healthcare Adaptations highlights the dangers of falling while also focusing on what seniors can do to minimize their risk of suffering a fall so that they can continue to live independently and without fear. The graphic features a chair rise exercise that, if performed on a regular basis, will improve the older person’s balance significantly and, in turn, they will be far less likely to fall.

Caregivers also have a responsibility to make the home as risk-free as possible. This could involve simple steps like picking items up off the floor and wiping up any liquid spills straight away. Or, it could involve a bit of planning and investment like installing walk-in shower units.

Seniors should be able to live in their homes without constantly worrying about losing their balance and suffering a serious injury. Let’s encourage them that they can move around freely and independently. Let’s help them prevent falls and conquer the fear of falling.