Toward a Better Care Plan for the Elderly

Have you taken the time to build a care plan for your elderly loved one? A recent post suggests creating a personal health action plan as soon as possible is the single best step you can take. If you’ve already built one, updating it at least once a year is equally a must. Not sure where to begin? The same post offers a number of very helpful tips.

Together forever

  • Start with a Conversation: You’ll want to begin by at least talking to your elderly loved one to get a stronger sense of how much he or she understands about their underlying health conditions. Taking a closer look at changes or complaints is a must so you can discuss it with a doctor at the next appointment. Understanding how tired the individual is, how well his or her appetite and digestion are doing, and even any changes in mental status should all be evaluated.
  • Think About After the Hospital: Any time the hospital or another care facility is required, know exactly what you should expect when your loved one comes home. Knowing more about the condition, the medication, and any doctor’s orders is critical. Deciding on the next steps, including hiring a part-time or overnight caregiver, is going to be essential. Be sure to schedule those follow-up appointments, too.
  • Create Goals: Building new goals, on an ongoing basis, is key. Don’t think for a moment that these have to be big goals, either. Something as simple as walking to the bathroom may be the goal for the moment. As recovery continues to progress, you could consider other options like walking to the mailbox.
  • Think Communication: Talk to everyone involved in the care of your loved one on a regular basis, including any home health care professionals like physical therapists. You may also want to ask about a contact number if you have questions. Don’t forget to make your loved one part of this loop too.
  • Consider Yourself: As a caregiver, it’s just as important that you consider your own wellbeing as part of the plan, too. It can be difficult to take care of yourself when you’re putting so much into caring for someone else, so take the time to learn about what you need and what you can do to relive the stress and get the occasional break.

Take some time to look closer at the helpful post from before you build your plan. If choosing a caregiver becomes part of your plan, contact David York Agency for more information about how we can help you care for your loved one. David York Home Healthcare Agency is fully acquainted with all factors related to eldercare services and is always available to set up a senior care plan taking the whole patient into account.

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Cranky About Dependency … Once Again

Lovable Cranky Old Lady

Sheila Klass was a self-professed old lady and blogging grandma who approached her advanced age and physical limitations with humor and grace.  Though she passed away very recently, thankfully she left behind wonderful personal blog entries bringing insight into a natural treasure, our older generation. She was a lovable cranky old lady to her fans.

Cranky Again

In her blog, Sheila Klass articulated the frustrations that many older adults have about getting older.  This octogenarian understood that being legally blind due to macular degeneration meant she needed help. Still, her pride did not permit her to accept it gracefully.  However, as a child of the Great Depression, she abhorred feeling anything less than independent.  She hated needing help with the daily activities of life. Prof. Klass resented needing help to read mail, pay bills, go to doctor appointments, sort medications, shop and do laundry.  Though she was grateful for all the help her children happily provided, she refused to be graceful about it.  “I want the right, at 86 … to do whatever I choose. She continues saying, “that right has been forfeited to age and decrepitude, and I mind it terribly.”  Prof. Klass admits that she is “a very ungrateful old lady” as a result.

Life is Like a Circle

This feisty “old lady” colorfully and clearly laid out how her peers resent how life turns full circle. She articulated the feelings of older adults who feel that having once climbed out of dependency as children, they are forced right back into it as older adults. Prof. Klass’s blog at  was filled with reminiscences and emotions that would touch many who are in their twilight years and is worth a “gander”.


David York Agency is extra sensitive to this state of mind. We are committed to treating our elderly clients with the respect and understanding earned through their advanced years.  Please call us at (718) 376-7755 with any questions or visit our website at to learn more about our mission and philosophy.