Keeping Seniors Safe During Winter Months

The winter months are a difficult time for the elderly. The usual stresses of making trips to the grocery and eating healthily, getting to appointments, visiting with friends and family, and avoiding slips and falls become intensified as the weather and road conditions worsen. Ensuring the health and safety of your aging loved one during this time of year can be difficult and worrisome, especially if there is no one around to help with these tasks.

Enlisting the help of a home health aide is a good way to keep seniors safe during the winter. These healthcare professionals not only help with personal care, but can assist with everything from running errands, preparing healthy meals, providing safe transportation to appointments, and simply offering some much needed companionship in the lonely, colder months. They can also do light housekeeping and ensure that the senior is warm and comfortable in their home. With the help of a home health aide, seniors and their families can have greater peace of mind knowing there is someone there to help when the weather turns bad.home health aides

These are just a few ways a home health aide can help an aging loved one this winter.

Prevent Malnutrition

Seniors who live alone are at higher risk of not eating properly and becoming malnourished, especially when the weather turns nasty and getting out to do routine shopping can become more difficult. A home healthcare aide can keep an eye on the seniors eating habits and make sure they receive a balanced meal each day. Aides can assist with preparing meals following diet restrictions when cooking.

Accompany to Appointments

No matter the season or the weather, seniors have doctor’s appointments that they must keep to maintain their health. Caregivers can make sure seniors remember their appointments and accompany them to ensure their safety during the commute. Some aides can also take notes for the senior, drive to pick up prescriptions and help them implement the doctor’s recommendations.

Provide Daily Companionship

Social isolation can contribute to numerous health effects in seniors. During the winter months seniors may see less of family and friends due to the weather which can lead to depression, anxiety, and increased stress levels. However, with the companionship of a home health aide, seniors do not have to worry about being alone. Aides can check in on the senior daily and help them with daily living activities.

Preventing Falls in Seniors at Home

Slips and falls can be extremely serious for seniors. During the winter months the chances of this happening increase due to the use of area rugs, slippers and other items that might be used for warmth. Some seniors also enjoy walking outside to get fresh air, but porches and sidewalks can be slippery from ice. Aides can make sure the senior remains safe in the home and when travelling outside the home.

Senior safety and health is important all year round, but the need for support increases in the winter months. A home health aide from David York Agency can provide the compassionate and personalized care that seniors need and ensure that they stay safe and warm through the winter.

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Home Health Aide Needed: Interview Yourself or Use an Agency?

Aging is often associated with a gradual decline in self sufficiency. Most elderly people prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible which often means that they will need help taking care of both themselves and their home. If you have decided to have an in-home health care aide come to care for your loved one in their home, you will want to make sure that they are compassionate and qualified.

These importanHomeHealthAide1t questions can help you interview your prospective home health aide:

  • Are they certified as a home health aide with special training patient safety, personal care and patient positioning?
  • Do they have experience with dementia patients?
  • Are they able to manage your specific healthcare, household and behavioral care needs?
  • What is their past work experience?
  • Are they able to provide references?
  • How long were they at their last position and why did they leave?
  • Are they available at the times needed?
  • Are they able to provide back-up if sick?

Hiring a home health agency can often relieve some of the stress that comes in hiring a home health aide. They take care of the initial interviewing process for you. A home health agency will pre-screen the aide to ensure that all of their certifications and credentials are valid and up-to-date as well as make sure that the aide’s skills specifically match your loved ones needs. An agency will check references and even conduct a criminal background check. Furthermore, should your aide be sick and unable to work on a particular day, an agency will provide your loved one with a qualified substitute.

David York Home Healthcare Agency is a leader in home health care in the New York metropolitan area. At David York Agency, we have a nurse talk to you as soon as you call to ensure that the aides sent to your door are specifically trained in the kind of care you need. We will discuss client cases in depth to work out every detail, easing the stress and concern of all parties involved. Potential clients can call for a free consultation today at 718-376-7755 or visit us at our website by visiting David York Agency. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn.