Yoga for Seniors: No Mat, No Problem

Yoga is wonderful option for the aging senior. The best thing about yoga is that you can practice anytime or anywhere. You don’t need a mat to practice yoga just a few minutes a day. Think about yoga as a state of mind, a way of creating an inner peace with yourself and the world. If you go in with this mindset, you will take a lot away from your practice. This AARP article and video can help get you started with some basic poses if you are a beginner. However if you find yourself without a mat, you can practice these techniques.


Mindful Meditation. 

Meditation is the art of clearing your mind to create a greater awareness and appreciation of the world around you. Practicing mindful meditation as a senior can help you center your thoughts and create an inner calm.

Focus on Your Breathing.  

Pranayama, also known as yoga breathing, is the practice of breaking down your breath to help you relax. This form of yoga can help you lower your heart rate, get more oxygen to your brain as well as help your muscles relax. Just a few minutes a day of this technique can help you renew your energy for the day.

Practice Your Standing Poses. 

Standing poses allow you to work on your balance, strength and flexibility. Incorporate a few forward folds, standing back bends and side bends to help you keep your muscles pliable. These poses will also help reinvigorate you.

The most wonderful thing about yoga is that it is your practice. Make it what you want, take from it what you need. It is a great activity for active seniors and newcomers to exercise. Contact us for more information.

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