Essential Documents & Emergency Information Workbook

Picture this: Your elderly loved one calls on you for help in collecting all their essential documents from years of living…. You begin to get overwhelmed.

Another scenario: You know your loved one has a roster of trusted doctors and health professionals, but you are not quite sure who they are or what they are for…. You start anxiously thinking about an emergency.

What if you need to step in at some point and help them with important documents such as medical, mortgage, and household affairs?

How do you begin to organize all this?

David York Agency Home Healthcare has meticulously compiled a list of every possible household and financial document you may need as well as a framework for keeping track of all the doctors and entire healthcare team you need to know about to assist in the care of your loved ones.

We are happy to provide this comprehensive essential documents booklet to you free of charge as a download.

Please fill in the simple form below and the free download will appear. You are welcome to download it and print it out. Also, please feel free to call us with any questions about our service or if you would like a FREE hard copy of our comprehensive booklet.

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