How Advancements In Hearing Technology Can Improve Quality Of Life

It’s a challenge to live with hearing limitations. Normal activities suddenly become stressful, chaotic, and fatiguing. Many who suffer from hearing loss feel helpless. They rely on hearing aids, but often find them unequal to life’s challenges. Meanwhile, others reject their use altogether. According to the National Institute on Deafness, only about 1 in 5 people who need hearing aids actually wears one. Yet, there is hope. Recent advancements in hearing technology are making a difference.

Senior woman holding smartphone in hands and exploring new technology

Better Sound Quality

The telephone often diminishes the sound quality and volume of a person’s voice. It also prevents the speaker from using non-verbal cues to facilitate communication. As a result, many avoid telephone conversations altogether and become increasingly isolated from society. Amplified phones offer a variety of features that can help. In-line amplifiers can increase sound by up to 40 decibels. Equally important, they also allow tone control, so that voices are pitched at accessible ranges.

Portable amplifiers are particularly useful. They can attach to phone headsets and increase sound by 30 decibels. Users can also adjust built-in volume controls to improve sound reception.

Meanwhile, many cell phones employ telecoil technology to eliminate background noises that interfere with sound quality. So, those who suffer from hearing loss can use them confidently.

Improved Viewing Experience

Today, many DVDs carry subtitles and closed captioning. Most importantly, hard of hearing moviegoers now have access to a variety of closed captioning technologies at cinemas.

Certainly, these technologies have made an important difference. People with disabilities report that closed captions have enriched their viewing experience. Now they can better understand rapid dialogue and a diversity of accents.

Increased Quality Of Life

A hearable is a wireless mini-computer that significantly improves a wearer’s ability to hear. Many hearables can monitor vital signs, track personal movements, and communicate with smart devices. Users particularly like the fact that they are largely invisible. They report increased feelings of well-being from their use.

As can be seen, people with hearing impairments need no longer suffer in silence.

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