November 2018: DYA Blog Post Digest – Senior Substance Abuse

Elderly Substance Abuse

Drug Abuse is Becoming More Common After Age 65

Alcohol Abuse Alarm Bell

Insomnia in Seniors: Substance Abuse & Over-Medication

Acupuncture for Seniors to Combat Addiction

July 2018: DYA Blog Post Digest – Travel for Seniors

Thoughts on Traveling With the Elderly

Traveling With A Senior

4 Tips for Traveling With the Elderly

Tips for Traveling with Dementia

Enjoy a Safe Summer While Aging in Place

 Summer Outings With Your Senior Loved One

Easy Places to Visit with Your Caregiver

March 2018: DYA Blog Post Digest – Ageism Against Our Elderly: Part II Mental Health

Ageism, Elderspeak, and Long-Term Care

Ageism in Medicine: Senior Mental Health is of Vital Importance

Elderly Ageism in Medicine: Lack of Geropsychologists for the Elderly 

Ageism in Medicine: Are Older Patients Creating Their Own Medical Ageism?

Ageism in Medicine: Mental Health is Critical for the Elderly

February 2018: DYA Blog Post Digest – Ageism Against Our Elderly: Part I Medical Implications

What is Ageism in Medicine?

Ageism in Medicine: Doctors Are Ageists

Ageism in Medicine: Lack of Geriatric Specialists Creates Medical Ageism 

Ageism in Medicine: 5 Mind-Blowing Facts on Elderly Participation in Clinical Trials

Ageism in Medicine: The Elderly Need Preventive Care Too

Ageism in Medicine: Clinical Trials Limit Elderly Healthcare

January 2018: New Year’s Resolution: Be More Organized!

Eldercare Planning: Tips for the Future

Assembling the Necessities

Workbook: Essential Documents & Emergency Information

Checklist: Essential Documents & Emergency Information

November 2017: National Family Caregivers Month

National Family Caregivers Month

Caregiver Stress Needs to be Taken Seriously

Tips to Give Caregivers the Care They Need

September 2017: DYA Blog Post Digest – Nutrition in the Elderly

Improving Quality of Life

Steps to Healthier Eating Habits

Make Elderly Taste Buds Tingle with Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition In The Elderly: Keep It Real, Fresh & Simple

‘Liquid Candy’ Is NOT Nutrition

How MyPlate for Older Adults is Helping Improve Senior Care

Senior Care: Scientists Find Foods that May Slow the Signs of Aging

How Home Health Aides Can Prevent Foodborne Illness

May 2017: DYA Blog Post Digest – Caregiver Stress

Caring for the Caregiver by: Anita Kamiel, R.N., M.P.S.

5 Signs You Might be Suffering from Caregiver Stress

Preventing Caregiver Stress From Turning Into Caregiver Burnout

How to Manage Stress When Providing Ongoing Care for a Loved One

April 2017: New Service – Elderproofing

 Elderproofing Your Home Chart

January 2017:  Anita Kamiel @ The Huffington Post

My Blog

December 2016: Holiday Issue

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Tips To Reduce Elderly Depression During The Holidays

November 2016: Thanksgiving Issue

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

7 Quotes When You’re Feeling Caregiver stress

September 2016: Labor Day Issue

Wishing a Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend to All!

4 Tips for Traveling with the Elderly

August 2016: Traveling With Seniors

Traveling With A Senior

Don’t Take Away My Car Keys, Yet!

 July 2016:  Anita Kamiel @ The Huffington Post

My Blog

May 2016: Happy Mothers Day

Mothers & Caregivers

Caring for the Caregiver

March 2016: An Interactive Newsletter

All She Wanted To Do Was Play Bingo

February 2016: Anita Kamiel @ The Huffington Post

My Blog

December 2015: Holiday Depression

Let’s Help Minimize Elderly Depression This Holiday Season

Tips for Avoiding Elderly Depression During the Holidays

August 2015: Summer Advisory

Keeping Your Cool

Breeze Through It: Avoiding Heat Exhaustion in the Elderly

Dehydration: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

May 2015: In Memoriam

Ruth Strand, DYA Co-Founder

What My Great Aunt Taught Me About Sisterhood by Rebecca Adams

April 2015: Social Media & the Elderly

The Elderly, The Internet & Social Media

Senior Social Media Use for Senior Health

10 Technology Must Haves for Seniors

New Year January 2015: Exercise!!

A Business New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution: Exercise this Old, Frail Body!

My Exercise Plan Worksheets

Thanksgiving 2014: Getting Organized

Let’s Get Our Business In Order

Checklist: Essential Documents & Emergency Information

Workbook: Essential Documents & Emergency Information

October 2014: Elderly Falls

Falls in the Elderly

Just Don’t Fall!

Ritalin May Help Prevent Falls

Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Elderproofing Your Home

Ensuring Bathroom Safety: Quick Review

August 2014: Alzheimer’s Disease

Devastating Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease: To Know or Not To Know

Exercise & Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

June 2014: Senior Substance Abuse

An Important Topic

Senior Substance Abuse: Prepare For an Increase — Really!

April 2014 DYA Newsletter

Non-Drug, Non-Invasive Dementia Treatments