‘Liquid Candy’ Is NOT Nutrition

Say No to Standard Nutritional Shakes

The New York Times reported that the American Geriatrics Society has made a new warning in their Choosing Wisely recommendations against using products such as Boost and Ensure because they are little more than ‘liquid candy’, a label usually ascribed to soda. Like soda, the primary ingredients are water and sugar. Although they are enriched with synthetic vitamins, these drinks are empty calories.

Why Are They Recommended?

Geriatricians often recommend these supplements out of fear of weight loss and malnutrition. Ironically, sugar cereals like Fruit Loops, so decried by nutritionists, have far fewer grams of sugar per serving. These so-called nutritional supplements supply even more sugar than these “kid cereals”. It would be more beneficial to address the underlying reason for the lack of appetite and weight loss than recommending these energy drinks. There could be a medical reason for a loss of appetite or it could be something more logistical in nature.

What Can Be Done?

If a lack of ability to prepare nutritious meals is a problem, there are home health aides that could be hired on an hourly basis to relieve the burden of that task. These caregivers could work within the dietary restrictions of the elderly patient to prepare meals that are healthful and tasty. The home health aide could feed the senior citizen as well as supervise and monitor the food intake. They can keep relatives and health professionals well informed regarding the food intake of the patient. These aides could be obtained through home care agencies in your area. Home healthcare agencies such as David York Agency in the New York area make sure their home health aides are fully acquainted with all the specific requirements of each and every elderly client they service.

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