Let’s Incorporate Exercise Into Our Seniors’ Routines!

With all the focus on developing our own personal fitness plans for the New Year, we forget that our senior loved ones need fitness routines of their own which take into account their specialized needs and deficits.

Face the following facts:  As people age, there is a loss of muscle mass, strength, flexibility and bone. This leads to a loss of mobility and, therefore, independence. Regular exercise such as aerobics, strength training as well as balance and flexibility exercises can mitigate these negative effects. Now consider: By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be older than 65. A well designed exercise plan can delay or prevent loss of functioning until the 90’s and longer. Now that’s motivation!

Many older Americans are afraid of exercise thinking that they will hurt themselves. However, strengthening muscles and improving flexibility, balance and bone density is the most beneficial thing you can do to prevent injuries and falls. Just make sure all exercises are approved by a medical and healthcare team and all should be good to go!

Follow these steps and the senior adult will be well on the way to a healthier, fitter self. 87522934

  1. Assess the current physical condition of the older adult.
    • Start informally with the senior and a relative or caregiver.
    • After that, go over it more formally with the primary doctor.
  2. Have a professional fitness trainer design an exercise routine based on the senior citizen’s deficits and preferences. Include a variety of exercises and activities like:
    • Sitting and standing exercises.
    • Water exercise such as swimming.
    • Outdoor activities such as walking (perhaps briskly), bicycling, gardening, yoga or tai chi.
  1. Help establish the routine to ensure a solid pattern is set and make available videos or apps on a phone or tablet for both learning and reinforcement.
  1. Find exercise buddies or a class. The companionship helps with the enjoyment of the exercise program and is insurance that the new regimen will be adhered to.
  1. Check in and cheer on your senior. It can’t be an easy change to make and should be lauded.


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